Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling

Wallenpaupack, Wayne County, Pennsylvania

One of the recommendations of the 1982 Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Management Plan was to continue to monitor Lake Wallenpaupack and its tributaries. Over the past 20 years a significant amount of development has occurred in the watershed, and nonpoint source pollutant loads have most likely increased. The Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Assessment Project involved the analysis of stream water quality using automated sampling equipment and developing pollutant budgets for the lake. Wet and dry weather sampling to quantify nonpoint source pollution loads was designed help to address nonpoint source pollution management in the watershed.

Text Box: F. X. Browne, Inc. water quality monitoring station

This $120,000 project was funded by the Pennsylvania DEP Growing Greener Grant Program and by a FY1999 EPA grant. Six automated monitoring stations were installed on the six major streams entering Lake Wallenpaupack. Wet and dry weather samples and stream flow data were collected between 2004 and 2006. Data were analyzed during 2006 and the results were presented as part of the Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Management Plan in 2007.

Personnel resources for this project included a Principal Investigator, project manager, Professional Engineers, Environmental Scientists, Biologists, Database Manager, and support staff.

The successful results of this study are updated water and pollutant budget data for Lake Wallenpaupack. These data will be used for evaluating in-lake water quality treatment, setting priorities for Best Management Practices (BMPs), evaluating the effectiveness of watershed management programs, and evaluating the impact of wastewater treatment plant discharges to Lake Wallenpaupack.


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